Mayalen Etcheverry

I am a first year PhD student in Machine Learning under the supervision of Pierre-Yves Oudeyer in the FLOWERS team at Inria, Bordeaux; and in collaboration with the Poietis company, working on applying curiosity-driven machine learning to assist discovery in a laser-assisted bioprinting morphogenetic system.

My research focuses on developing curiosity-driven AI agents that can autonomously discover and learn a diversity of structures and skills in their environments. In particular, I am interested in learning modular representations that can dynamically adapt to the environment complexity. I am also very excited about applying those (curiosity-driven) ML algorithms to the exploration of physicochemical and biological systems.

Previously, I have been at University College of London where I completed my Master of Science (MSc) in computer vision and at Télécom Paristech where I did my Master of Engineering (MEng). I also spent a year as an AI research intern at Siemens Healthineers, Princeton N.J., working on deep learning and reinforcement learning algorithms for healthcare.


  • 12/2020: Enjoyed my first (virtual) participation at NeurIPS 2020 where we presented our paper on meta-diversity search to explore morphogenetic systems (talk here).
  • 04/2020: Happy to participate to ICLR 2020, check out our paper presentations at the main track conference and BeTR-RL workshop.
  • 04/2020: I have just written a blogpost about our paper on intrinsically-motivated discovery in self-organizing systems such as the Game of Life.


Blog posts: